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Broken Ankle Treatment in Lumberton, Laurinburg and Fayetteville Areas

ankle sprain

When it comes to broken ankle treatment, the podiatrists at The Foot & Ankle Institute in Lumberton have a wealth of experience to share. A broken foot is a result of direct injury to the area, while an ankle fracture is a broken bone along the fibula and tibia area of the joint. An ankle fracture or foot fracture requires the expertise of a podiatrist. While most ankle fractures don’t require surgery or manipulation, many will need an X-ray and immobilization in order to begin the healing process. General bone fractures, unlike metatarsalgia treatment, do sometimes require surgical manipulation of the foot in order to align the bones back into place.

Foot Stress Fractures

Stress fractures, on the other hand, can occur as a result of increased physical activity and can build up to make small cracks in the exterior of the bone. Pain, swelling, bruising and discomfort are common symptoms, which will likely heal with therapeutic techniques rather than invasive treatment.

Sprains & Other Twisting Injuries

An ankle sprain and other twisting injuries can be as quick as an awkward step up the staircase or a trip over an unseen object, and they should begin to improve within a day or two if not fractured. A sprained ankle ranges from mild to severe, depending on the pain level and ligament damage. If your sprain doesn’t resolve itself shortly, an X-ray is needed to see if a brace or cast is appropriate.

Get Treatment Right Away in Lumberton, Fayetteville, Laurinburg & Surrounding Areas

Fractures and sprains are traumas that our foot and ankle doctors deal with regularly, helping patients to heal and get back on their feet with the quickest possible recovery time. We are here for you, whether it’s an emergency or just a recent break, so give us a call in Lumberton at 910-737-6600. Contact our Hope Mills or Laurinburg locations to talk to one of our staff about how we can best help you with injury recuperation.

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