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Expert Treatment for Foot Fungus in the Lumberton, Laurinburg and Fayetteville Areas

Foot fungus is an issue that we see frequently here at The Foot & Ankle Institute in Lumberton because about 12 percent of the population suffers from it. Our podiatrists are trained to quickly recognize the tell-tale symptoms of fungus, make a prompt diagnosis and design the best treatment plan for your particular feet. Fungal toenails, otherwise known as onychomycosis, an infection that lies beneath the surface of the nail, may not exhibit symptoms beyond abnormal thick, yellow toenails, but they can lead to many complications. The fungi, termed dermophytes, eat away at the protein of the nail and can spread the infection elsewhere. Attention to hygiene, wearing proper foot and legwear, and clean and dry feet are the worst enemies of fungal toenails. A foot fungus treatment such as an antifungal agent or oral and topical medication may be appropriate. Occasionally, surgical nail removal is necessary to prevent infected or deformed toenails from worsening.

Treating Athlete’s Foot in Lumberton, Laurinburg, Fayetteville and Other Areas

A broken ankle ​isn’t the only common problem that very active people suffer from. Fungus is a regular occurrence between the toes of those who have consistently moist, sweaty feet, which are landing strips for bacteria and growths. Athlete’s foot, or tineapedis, commonly occurs simultaneously with a fungal infection. Symptoms that we look out for include dry skin, itching, inflammation and blisters in the toe area. Recurrent athlete’s foot responds well to prescription topical or oral antifungals to control the growth while also caring for the feet by preventing moisture accumulation.

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Our clinic staff is always delighted to discuss personalized treatment options with you whenever you need. Our Lumberton location can be reached at 910-737-6600, and our other locations in Hope Mills and Laurinburg can also help you schedule an appointment today. We can help you be free of foot fungi and athlete’s foot for the long term.

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