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Performing Surgery to Treat Bunions in Lumberton, Laurinburg and Fayetteville Areas

At the Foot & Ankle Institute in Lumberton, we are very experienced in dealing with the bunion, a painful and swollen deformity of the joints around the big toe, otherwise known as HAV (hallux abducto valgus). Bunions are caused by movement of the big toe into an abnormal position. They are generally a product of wearing shoes that don’t fit properly, although they can also be genetic. The good news is that bunions can often be prevented simply by wearing the right shoes. When they are pre-existing and inflamed, the best option for removal is surgical realigning of the metatarsal, or a bunionectomy. Our podiatrists are skilled at performing bunion surgery with the utmost precision and expertise.

Treating Heel Pain and Spurs

Wearing thin-soled shoes with improper cushioning puts undue stress on your feet, leading to plantar fasciitis or heel pain that can radiate all the way out to the toes. Standing on tough, flat surfaces and having either particularly high or low arches in your feet can also contribute to worsening irritation in the bottom of the feet. Excessive flattening of the foot and tension to the plantar fascia can also lead to a heel spur, a degradation in the interior of the heel. Heel pain treatment for these conditions ranges from therapeutic calf stretching to wearing specifically built and padded shoes. A cast or splint may be used in severe cases. Corrective surgery for heel pain is uncommon and only considered when necessary.

Discuss Treatment Options Today in the Lumberton, Laurinburg and Fayetteville Areas

We want you to be free to walk without being bothered by bunions and run without being frustrated by heel pain. Whether it’s arch care or foot fungus treatment that you want to address, give us a call today at our Lumberton location at 910-737-6600, or contact our Hope Mills and Laurinburg offices to discuss the best treatment options for podiatric issues.

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